Pioneering multi-day energy storage technology

Transforming the grid to be fully renewable

The electric grid now faces a challenge: how to manage the multi-day variability of renewable energy without sacrificing reliability or cost. We are developing a multi-day energy storage technology that will enable the grid to run on low-cost renewables year-round. Our pioneering battery technology will entirely reshape the global electric system and give it new form.

Our Hardware System

Our first commercial product is an aqueous, air-breathing battery made from abundant global commodities at system costs competitive with conventional power plants. This front-of-the-meter battery would allow for a 100% renewable grid.

Our Software System

Formware™ is a next-generation, technology-agnostic analytic platform able to optimize over multi-year, hourly resolution data sets. It is capable of providing capacity expansion and production cost modeling as well as other complex co-optimizations to help project developers and grid planners understand and capture the value of energy storage in future grid transformation scenarios. 

Technology Applications

Firm Renewables over any weather event or season

Transmission Capacity without new wires

Reliability without thermal generation

Multi-day resiliency during grid outages

Key Advantages of Our Technology


Less than 1/10th the cost of lithium-ion battery technology.


Pairs well with lithium-ion batteries and renewable energy resources to enable optimal energy system configurations.


100+ hour duration required to make wind, water, and solar reliable, year round, anywhere in the world.


Can be sited anywhere, even urban areas, for utility-scale needs.


Materials and designs with global scale needed for zero carbon economy.


No risk of thermal runaway. No heavy metals. High recyclability.

Energy Storage For a Better World

  • Deep grid decarbonization with lower costs and risk
  • Grid reliability and safety
  • Local economic development
  • Community environmental impacts
  • Job creation through manufacturing and assembly