HoLum Kwok

HoLum Kwok

Director of Finance and Business Operations
HoLum Kwok partners with teams across Form Energy to inform decisions that have critical financial impact and ensure our multi-day energy storage technology is truly cost-effective. 
How did you first learn about Form Energy?  

I’ve always felt strongly about working to mitigate climate change. Toward the end of my time at Tesla, I was thinking about what the greatest remaining technological gaps are in driving toward 100% decarbonization, and a friend introduced me to the concept of long-duration energy storage. Shortly after, I heard our CEO Mateo Jaramillo talk about Form Energy and his vision for iron-air technology. It became clear to me that this was what I wanted to spend my time working on.


What made you want to work at Form Energy? 

I can’t imagine working on a technology as impactful as multi-day storage. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shape the future we want to live in. Also, the people are wonderful. 


What are your job duties & responsibilities at Form Energy? 

I lead the Finance and Business Operations function. We partner with teams across the company to understand what their needs are, and how they will impact the financial course of Form as we commercialize our iron-air technology. 

Our work informs decisions that have critical financial impact, including fundraising, pricing, design, supply chain, and manufacturing. Getting these decisions right is important to making multi-day storage truly cost-effective.


What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most? 

The best part of my job is the people that I get to work with! They are passionate, creative, and they care. I feel fortunate to be able to learn from them every day. 


How would you describe your time at Form Energy in three words? 

Humbling, energizing, fun (both type I and type II).


What about working in the energy storage industry excites you the most? 

The storage solution we are working on may be the only economically viable path to a reliable & fully decarbonized global electric grid. That’s a pretty motivating goalpost. 


What are your hopes for the energy storage industry?  

My hope is that the storage industry can become as diverse and inclusive as the people we are trying to serve. It’s not impossible – it just requires intention and determination. Also, as we demonstrate the potential and importance of multi-day storage, I hope we encourage other passionate and creative people to join the effort to tackle these challenges!


How do you make complex financial matters digestible for everyone around you? 

No matter how complex a problem seems, it all boils down to the fundamentals. If you can understand the underlying physical activities and processes, you can always get to the right answer. 

I’ve also found this to be the best way of demystifying financial metrics for folks who don’t live and breathe Excel spreadsheets – by tying numbers back to the tangible realities of what they are experiencing day-to-day. This forces us to reconcile the “what” with the “why”. For instance, I once used the example of running a lemonade stand to explain a wide range of financial concepts (ex. bill of materials, cost of goods sold, operating expenses, capital expenditure) to all employees at Form. As a result, folks were able to better understand how their actions and work impact Form’s financial outcomes as well. 


How do you demonstrate leadership skills?  Any tips for managing a team at a dynamic and growing company? 

I learn something new from my team every day about how to be a better manager and leader. I’ve found that it’s helpful to be honest about being a work-in-progress, which has pushed me to ask for feedback, and to be conscious of areas where I can improve. I also try to remember that I can learn from everyone – those with more experience, as well as those with less. 

The other thing I try to keep in mind is that people are people. They are deeply curious, passionate, and determined, but they also get hungry, sleepy, and grumpy. I do too. We are all working incredibly hard to achieve an important mission, and we can all use a little empathy from each other. 


What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work? 

When the weather is warm, I like to bike! I also like to bake, but unfortunately, I’m horrible at it. 


What TV show are you watching right now? 

I love The West Wing. 


What book did you last read? 

Priced Out, by Uwe Reinhardt


Any hidden talents? 

NYT Spelling Bee. 


Anything else?  

We are always looking for kind, curious, mission-driven people to join our team!