Dot Gilliam

Dot Gilliam

Equipment Maintenance Technician
Dot Gilliam is an Equipment Maintenance Technician at Form Energy’s Eighty-Four, PA facility where we operate a pilot manufacturing line to test manufacturing processes and prepare for the scale up of our iron air battery systems.
How did you first learn about Form Energy?

I first heard about Form Energy on my local news station. They were talking about how Form was looking to build a new factory in Weirton. I started researching the company and watching videos online about Form’s iron-air batteries. I understood that this was going to play a huge role in the future of clean power.


What made you want to work at Form Energy?

I wanted to work for Form Energy for a few reasons: one being, the company’s mission to build energy storage systems for a clean energy future; two, Form elected to build its first factory in Weirton, on the old Weirton Steel site, where my grandfather, dad, uncles, and many other family members worked. I thought it would be amazing to keep the family legacy on this important and historical site alive. I’m glad I made this choice!


Please outline your job duties/responsibilities at Form Energy:

My responsibilities include maintaining all equipment we have on site. I also help implement the preventive maintenance schedule so that we can keep all the equipment running at its peak performance level.


What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy helping keep processes on track by learning the new equipment as our engineering teams roll it out. Having this knowledge makes me an important part of the overall process.


 How does your position at Form Energy differ from other roles you’ve held previously?

At Form, I can voice concerns and opinions on subject matters related to my job. In the past at other jobs, I often went unheard.


How would you describe your time at Form Energy in three words?

Phenomenal. Caring. Fast.


Has anything surprised you about working for Form Energy?

Yes, I was surprised by how much Form Energy truly cares for their employees. At other jobs I have had, I felt I was just a number. At Form, I feel that I am a vital team member and I appreciate that it’s common practice here for colleagues to check up on each other.


What about working in the energy storage industry excites you the most?

I came from working at a coal power generation plant. I understand how the power grid works and that the grid needs energy storage to help keep it stable and reliable.  To be here at the start and help build these batteries from the ground up is exciting!  To be a part of it is just mind blowing!


What are your hopes for the energy storage industry?

My hope is that we will be able to meet our goals and truly supplement the power grid with low-cost clean, reliable energy and, by doing so, provide a cleaner energy future for all generations to come.


What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?

I enjoy hopping on my motorcycle and riding on a wide-open country road. If I am not on my motorcycle I can be found with my kids and helping others better themselves.


Do you have an office nickname? If so, what is it and why?

Haha, yes – it’s Dot. I have had this nickname for 15 years now thanks to an old friend of mine.


What would be the title of your autobiography?

The sky is not the limit…it’s just the starting point.


If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

To realize my childhood dream and drive an F1 car.