DeVynne Farquharson

DeVynne Farquharson

Commercial Analytics Associate
DeVynne Farquharson is a Commercial Analytics associate, responsible for executing modeling and identifying the value that Form’s multi-day iron-air battery can bring to customer systems.
How did you first learn about Form Energy? 

I was looking into companies in the energy space and a friend mentioned Form as “a company with a new battery technology.” That intrigued me, so I reached out to a member of the team to learn more. 


What made you want to work at Form Energy?

My priority was to work at a company that aligned with my values and enabled me to apply my expertise to energy systems. Form checked those boxes and offered the unique opportunity to help shape an emerging market. The work Form is doing is  also deeply tied to my PhD research on sustainable energy transitions – which is awesome. 


What are your job duties & responsibilities at Form Energy?

As an Associate on the Commercial Analytics team, I lead commercial analytic engagements which typically entails: 


  • Working with customers to scope out modeling efforts, aligning on data to be shared, and determining the best approach to meet customer needs


  • Executing capacity expansion and dispatch modeling to identify the value that our multi-day iron-air battery can bring to customer systems


My work also includes identifying strategic imperatives for our commercial analytics team to pursue to help grow Form’s impact and accelerate demand.


What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

Working with customers to identify the value of multi-day storage in their systems. I enjoy the  challenge of modeling the various systems –  there’s always something to learn and it’s rewarding when you can identify significant value. There’s also the intrinsic joy that comes with knowing my work is contributing to renewable energy acceleration and the fight against climate change.


How does your position at Form Energy differ from other roles you’ve held previously?

This role takes the best parts of my previous consulting experience and my academic research and pairs them both. I’m able to work with amazing and brilliant people while owning customer relationships and driving my projects forward. 


What about working in the energy storage industry excites you the most?

We’re in a very exciting time overall with the passage of the IRA and our country’s commitment to fight climate change. Energy storage will play a critical role in that fight to account for the intermittency of renewable energy and our multi-day iron-air battery, in particular, will enable new ways of thinking about how storage can be applied and utilized. 


What are your hopes for the energy storage industry?

Continued investment in novel technologies that can expand the energy storage solution set. 


What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?

I’m a huge video game player so that’s definitely my favorite activity. I mainly play competitive games, but I like a good story game as well. I also love traveling and visiting other countries, going on hikes, and reading. 


What book did you last read?

“The Fifth Season” by N.K. Jemisin – highly recommend.