David F. Jones III

David F. Jones III

Senior Staff New Product Introduction (NPI) Engineer
David Jones is an NPI Engineer focused on design engineering, supply chain management, and manufacturing at Form Energy.
How did you first learn about Form Energy?

I first learned about Form through LinkedIn. I was messaged by a Form Energy HR partner who found my professional background interesting.


What made you want to work at Form Energy?

When I first started talking to various people at Form,  there wasn’t a specific role identified for me, so the conversations were very exploratory. Even though the calls weren’t centered around a specific job title, there was intent in every conversation. There was a strong focus on making sure the company’s goals aligned with my personal career goals. Form’s desire to ensure that this would be a mutually beneficial opportunity was unlike anything I had experienced before, and at that point I was absolutely sold.


What are your job duties and responsibilities at Form Energy?

My job sits at the intersection of design engineering, supply chain management, and manufacturing. I help ensure nothing gets lost in translation as our designs mature from concepts and prototypes into commercially manufactured products. I complete cost analyses, identify ways to make designs more manufacturable, establish and track quality metrics, develop technical requirements for vendor qualification, and provide guidance and direction on the assembly and testing of our products.


What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy being able to work across so many different areas within the company. I get to collaborate with product management, design engineering, manufacturing engineering, technical operations, as well as external vendors and manufacturing partners. This variety allows me to learn a tremendous amount and keeps every day interesting.


How would you describe your time at Form Energy in three words?

Challenging, Fun, Exciting.


Has anything surprised you about working for Form Energy?

I’ve been pleasantly surprised and impressed at how Form has managed to find so many incredibly smart, driven people with very little ego, all while growing rapidly. That’s a difficult task to accomplish. It’s been amazing to see just how well folks work together in service of a much larger mission. Everyone is rooting for everyone else and we all just want to accomplish this Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG).


What about working in the energy storage industry excites you the most?

I love energy storage because of what can be achieved through the technology. Energy storage is the key to bridging the gap between where we are today and being able to have 100% reliable renewable energy. Our multi-day storage technology in particular fundamentally changes the electricity generation and distribution landscape by allowing utilities to utilize low-cost renewable energy as baseload power and not just peak shaving. There is potential for creating seasonal shifts in electricity generation so that no energy is wasted. Energy storage acts as a force multiplier for all renewable energy generation and gives us a chance to slow down global warming by decarbonizing a sector we can’t live without. The various forms of energy storage allow us to take variable electricity generation sources and match them with varying electricity demand while also making the grid more flexible and resilient. The possibilities are just so immense it’s hard not to be excited!


What are your hopes for the energy storage industry?

My hope is that energy storage will allow developing countries to accelerate the advancement of their grid infrastructure, help decentralize generation and distribution to make grids more reliable, and enable the replacement of all coal-fired and natural gas power plants as base load with renewable energy resources. There is enough sunshine and wind to power our planet, with the ability to capture it and use it when we need it. Current and future energy storage technologies and applications allow us to do just that.


What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?

I love hanging out with my wife, playing with my dog, and watching football. When the weather is nice (and sometimes when it’s not) I like to pay homage to my Texas roots and do some low and slow barbequing as well.