Anushree Ramanath

Anushree Ramanath

Staff Modeling Engineer
Anushree Ramanath is a system modeling engineer with a background in electrical and computer engineering focusing on techno-economic analysis, electrical modeling, and simulations.
How did you first learn about Form Energy?

I have been working in the renewable energy space for a few years now. My doctoral thesis was on solar integration and my previous job was related to solar and storage systems for the residential sector. Last year, a recruiter reached out to me regarding open opportunities at Form Energy, so naturally – I did some research. The first things I came across were Form’s white paper regarding ‘Best Practice Modeling to Achieve Low Carbon Grids’ and an interview with Form’s CEO Mateo Jaramillo on long duration energy storage and the company’s multi-day battery technology. I was amazed and hooked to learn more!


What made you want to work at Form Energy?

I was intrigued when I learned about iron-air chemistry for long duration storage and Form’s mission to decarbonize the electric grid. I have always enjoyed researching and working at the intersection of hardware, programming, and product development. The opportunity to contribute towards techno-economic and performance models at the intersection of engineering, finance and product development made me want to work at Form Energy.


What are your job duties & responsibilities at Form Energy?

As a Staff Modeling Engineer with the Electrical Systems team, I am responsible for delivering cost models that drive value engineering decisions, techno-economic models that help provide component level targets and electrical performance models that help analyze the interaction between subsystems. I also lead the efforts for system trade studies to determine optimal performance parameters and enhanced product offerings.


What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

Collaboration between several teams on a regular basis and owning the roadmapping of the technical deliverables are the aspects I enjoy the most. There is so much cross-functional learning at Form, which requires both people and time management skills. I’m constantly developing new skills and building relationships internally, which helps me deliver the best technical solutions.


How would you describe your time at Form Energy in three words?

Impactful and gratifying


Has anything surprised you about working for Form Energy?

I love how Form Energy lives by its values, especially related to diversity and inclusion. As a woman of color in engineering, I have always wanted to contribute towards retention of women in STEM fields and bringing diverse talent to the workplace. 

It’s been such a pleasure to work at one of the most diverse workplaces thus far in my career, and to be part of Form’s JEDI (Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion) working group – where we are able to make a difference in terms of bringing in and retaining diverse talent.


What about working in the energy storage industry excites you the most?

Over the course of my career, I’ve been deeply involved in research and development related to effectively utilizing renewable energy sources like wind and solar –  but I’ve always felt a pressing need for an efficient and cost effective storage system to accompany those resources. Energy storage  not only enhances reliability but also ensures the solution is sustainable in the long term. 

I was working on residential and automotive storage systems for a while, but working on cutting edge technology like multi-day storage at the generation stage and data center scale is a dream come true for me!


What are your hopes for the energy storage industry?

I hope the energy storage industry continues to advance technical solutions that are efficient, robust, cost effective and reliable. It is also essential that we deliver sustainable products in a timely manner in order to address the urgency of the climate crisis. 


What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?

I love experiencing different cultures through language, food and travel, while indulging myself in a variety of fine arts. I am a trained dancer, musician, yoga instructor, artist who loves painting landscapes and an avid nature lover.


What would be the title of your autobiography?

Wonders of a Wanderlust


What book did you last read?

“Atomic Habits” by James Clear


Any hidden talents?

Calligraphy and handwriting that resembles print!