Reliable. Affordable. Renewable.

Form Energy is enabling the future of energy storage.

We are going about this by developing a new kind of battery that would eliminate the need for coal and gas entirely, and allow for a 100% renewable, carbon free grid.

The Technology

Form Energy has identified and is developing a novel approach that is low-cost, safe, and scalable. This battery would allow for a 100% renewable, carbon free grid.

The Software

Form Energy offers a software solution to the industry that models the efficiency and cost-saving benefits of using Form’s long duration storage and identifies value to the entire electricity ecosystem.

Together we are Transforming the Electrical System

As a team we are working on extending transmission capacity without building new wires and replacing greenhouse gas emitting fuels with renewable energy resources.

We are here to build a successful business that enables a safe, affordable, reliable, 100% renewable grid by commercializing long-duration, system-level energy storage.